Stop COLD Calling and Generate Warm Leads

Are you tired of pounding the phone begging for appointments and sales? I did it for ten years and it sucked! Then I discovered simple, easily repeatable techniques that generated an endless supply of hot, ready to buy leads. My work load was cut in half and my sales more than tripled. You can have prospects calling you every day or you can continue looking desperate and like a huge pest and make hundreds of cold calls intruding on non interested parties. You do have a choice, and we are giving you an escape from the endless game of dialing for dollars.

What You Get in Our e-Book

Other Books Super Salesman
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Powerful Lead Generation Techniques -pg 31 no yes
The One Call Close – No Kidding no yes
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Overcome ANY Objection – pg 43 no yes
And Tons More…. no yes
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ZERO Effort Selling – From Begging to Closing -

You’ll get technique on top of technique that teaches you how to generate serious leads without ever making a single cold call. Learn how to use email the right way by sending informative, valuable case studies that tells prospects you know their business and you have a lot to offer. This one process is so easy and it literally eliminate the need to ever make another cold call. I guarantee it.

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  • Wow, this was incredibly easy and I can't recall the last time I had to make a cold call. Thanks SuperSaleman.
  • I have admit, it seemed to easy to be true, but it worked. Your book made it real easy to understand and implement! Many Thanks.
  • I have been selling by telephone for 11 years and after years of rejection I was ready to start a new career. Thankfully after getting my copy of your book (and the pre-written script) it totally changed the way I sell and how people see me.