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We have compiled in one book everything a salesman needs to be totally successful. When you purchase your copy of the SuperSalesman you will learn 1) A sales process that can close nearly any prospect 2) How to handle any objection 3) How to generate an endless supply of hot, ready to buy leads.

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What You Get in Our e-Book

Other Books Super Salesman
So Many Referrals it Will Blow Your Mind – pg 29 no yes
Powerful Lead Generation Techniques -pg 31 no yes
The One Call Close – No Kidding no yes
How To Get Prospects VERY Interested no yes
Overcome ANY Objection – pg 43 no yes
And Tons More…. no yes
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If you’re like most sales people you really want to learn those carefully guarded secrets that seem to earn some people a fortune while barely putting any energy into their jobs. Today you will receive several totally free tips that may just change the way you sell forever. Discover the art of Handling Objections, Lead Generation Tips without placing a single cold call, and how to make prospect think they need you – and not the other way around.

We’re going to empower you with everything you need to be successfully selling using techniques and systems that have created great success out of everyday people. You’ll learn the number one mistake every sales agent makes and exactly what to say in the first 30 seconds to have prospects begging you to hear more about your product and what it can do for them.  

Good sales people naturally have good sales processes and bad sales people naturally have bad sales processes but in most cases neither of them realize it. You’ll learn a simple, yet highly effective technique to make highly qualified, ready to buy customers pick up the phone and call you begging to buy. 

Stop cold calling, stop pounding the phone, stop wasting time with people that are “just shopping you”. The SuperSalesman can show you how, once and for all.

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Did you know Buying is 100% emotional? In a recent survey 60% of Americans said the reason they bought their last major product or service was they felt the product or service specifically suited their needs or interests. EVERYTHING we buy is always move towards pleasure or helps to avoid discomfort in some way. Once you understand this you will unlock one of the most important secrets to selling and when applied you will be amazed at the results. We’ll help you understand how to easily reach emotions that close sales and make your job much more enjoyable.

 Get LEADS Like Never Before. Imagine coming in every day to new leads that we’re practically closed before you even picked up the phone. Now you can learn amazing, yet easy apply techniques that work no matter what you are selling. Best of all, most of these techniques wont cost a dime and they’ll start working from day 1.

Stop begging and working so hard. You really can earn more with far less effort, and we’ll show you how.

SuperSalesman is not like any book you have eve purchased. We get leave out the junk and get right to the point of how influence buyers, create leads and how to make more money in far less time. Just employ these simple to understand sales techniques and watch your paycheck grow overnight!


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These tips have been used by successful people for real estate sales, telemarketing, setting appointments, credit cards, advertising sales and many of our clients use our process for collections, magazine sales, long distance service and more. Unlock Your Success Today. Happy Selling.

  • Wow, this was incredibly easy and I can't recall the last time I had to make a cold call. Thanks SuperSaleman.
  • I have admit, it seemed to easy to be true, but it worked. Your book made it real easy to understand and implement! Many Thanks.
  • I have been selling by telephone for 11 years and after years of rejection I was ready to start a new career. Thankfully after getting my copy of your book (and the pre-written script) it totally changed the way I sell and how people see me.