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    Below is an unbeatable rebuttal to one of the most common Sales Objection, “it cost too much“. When you get your copy of the SuperSalesman you’ll learn how to easily answer tough objections like this one and more. In this 55 page pdf report you’ll also learn unstoppable rebuttals for other common objections PLUS tips that will instantly generate leads and fill you inbox with customers begging to buy from you.


    Your price is too high!
    The next time you hear this you’ll walk away with a sale. What? Are we saying this is an easy objection to handle? Your darn right we are, and so are all of the others – that is if you know what to say.

    Have you ever wondered why the conversion rates on calls backs are horrendously horrible for ALL salespeople? In almost every case a call back exists either because the prospect had unanswered questions or failed to see the benefit of buying from you, and either way a sales call that ends on one of those notes is a sure recipe for a turn down (no sale).

    Using this simple technique you can overcome and master the dreaded objection and start closing more sales immediately after reading this.

    Objection:Your Price Is Too High

    Rebuttal: “Our price is based on what’s necessary to make sure our product delivers the best possible result to you, and that’s what you really want is the best result, not the cheapest price, isn’t that true”?

    The rebuttal here strongly defends the value of your product and puts the pressure back on the prospect by asking him if “results” are more important than “cheapness”. No intelligent person would prefer to spend less and get nothing as opposed to spending little more and getting the desired result.


    There is no better way of handling objections then avoiding them. One of the main reasons objections occur is because you called the prospect, making you inferior to them. You are viewed as the stereotypical pushy salesman trying to jam your products on your prospect solely for your own personal greedy gain.
    Would you like to discover how to change that? I guarantee you that once you read these pages stuffed awesome new generation lead programs that we will get your phone ringing off the hook by tomorrow morning. And best of all, you wont be the initiating the call and compromising your authority as the salesman.

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